Culture Pass

June 26, 2010

Senior Thesis Project: App Concept

For my final project at school, I decided upon a mobile application designed to aid in the improvement of cultural awareness and as a tool for linguistic skills.  The intended audience was meant to be young professionals or exchange students, who weren’t as familiar with the culture as they’d like.

The development process spanned 6 months, including user interviews and testing conducted on people I had met while working abroad.  The app would incorporate language lessons, a dictionary, cultural videos, phrase book, and a photo translator.

The presentation consisted of a series of demonstration videos showcasing each tool’s proposed functionality, including audio and translation, as well as gesture control demos.  Everything what written recorded, and created by hand in Photoshop and Illustrator, then animated using After Effects.

Ideally, I’d love to come back to this with a developer and see this app series become real.

  • App homepage with description of project.
  • Dictionary included pronunciation, pinyin, measure word, and possible definitions
  • Interactive phrase builder for everyday phrases or situations.
  • Interactive video dialogues allow the user to pause and re-hear individual words and learn their definitions.
  • Translate text within photos and save them as flashcards.
  • Informational videos about cultural differences between the destination and the user's home country.