International Marketplace

September 27, 2013

LSAC: Schmidt Associates

The Lafayette Square Area Coalition wanted to rebrand the Lafayette Square area, focusing on the fact that it incorporates an abundance of residents of different cultures.  The project was multifaceted, with the construction and renovation of bus shelters, and the design and implementation of gateway elements.  I worked on a team with our urban planner and landscape architect on the design of the physical structures, but was tasked with the design and creation of all graphic elements contained within, or used to present, these concepts.

The bus shelter graphic was created after travelling through the area and photographing local residents, restaurant and shop owners, foods, and fabrics.  The stitched map illustrates the idea that all of these different peoples and cultures come together into the bigger picture.  The gateways, and secondary gateways, will be located throughout the Lafayette Square area at key interesections.  The images of food and faces will be created by perforated metal panels (which all showcase people from the area).

  • The bus shelter graphic incorporates photos of people, food, and fabrics taken from all over the Lafayette Square area.
  • Mock up of the bus shelter design.
  • Model of a gateway, to scale, in context.
  • Mock up of a secondary gateway "fin", to scale, in context.
  • Final design for the 3 gateway installations.
  • Final image selection and design for the 12 secondary gateways being installed at intersections.