Pecha Kucha Vol 3 Poster

Pecha Kucha 3 Poster

October 7, 2013

Schmidt Associates: Internal

The third presentation in the series at Schmidt Associates happened to coincide with the Dia de los Muertos festival that year, so I took the opportunity to use imagery and style cues from unique look of the festival’s artwork.  The skull incorporates the presentation title, 20 x 20 theme, the Schmidt Associates logo, and the fact that it is the 3 volume of the presentation, while being mixed with bright colors and designs decorating the rest of the skull.

The basic shape of the skull, as well as key content was created in Illustrator, then printed out as a drawing template for the other visuals.  Once half of the design had been drawn, it was re-scanned and then inked and colored in Illustrator.  The information was toned down this time to only include the presentation name and date, but after some consideration, additional text was incorporated into the top of the skull denoting the days of the festival, for anyone who may not have been aware of it.