Branding Asset Update

April 13, 2017

Internal: Project Lead The Way

With the updating of the PLTW website, the need arose for branding and marketing assets to evolve.  Utilizing our new icons and color palette, I designed a number of projects building upon our updated visual style.

These pieces all built off of the program icons that were developed as a means of bring the design into more aspects of our content as well as applications for our network in the form of social media graphics, web badges, and posters for classrooms.

  • Facebook and Twitter banners as well as a web badge design meant as a digital promotion kit to be given to schools utilizing our programs. This grouping reflects the Gateway program.
  • Variations on the banners and web badges using the Engineering and Launch styles.
  • Graphic poster variation featuring our Biomedical Science program.
  • Photo poster variation featuring our Computer Science program.



I also developed a series of alternative business card designs in order move the branding forward and highlight our new visual style.

New business card design variations.


For our company’s new content deployment method, I designed as series of logos representative of each module in our Launch (Elementary level) Program using the same style as our existing program icons. ¬†These were intended for students to be able to recognize what module to select without the need to be able to read the whole name.