Brown Bag Flyers

September 24, 2013

Neal Brown Hospitality Group

NBHG approached me to redesign their menu flyers to better represent their restaurant and concept to possible customers. Brown Bag’s delivery service is based on tiffins, sectioned containers widely used in India, to deliver a fresh hot meal to your office, and then return to claim the container a few hours later.  They needed a way to convey the idea of the tiffins as well as pass on menu and ordering information.

My design utilizes a handmade, distressed feeling, and prominently features illustrations of the tiffin both open, and separated into its parts.  The tiffin illustration was drawn and distressed in Adobe Illustrator, and the piece itself was design to be printed onto brown craft paper, drawing from the ‘Brown Bag’ name.  The resulting piece is unique and informative, but was also able to reduce production costs for the client.

  • Front of the double sided menu featuring the closed tiffin and weekly menu options.
  • Back of menu featuring opened tiffin container, information about tiffin deliver, and contact information.
  • Tiffin illustration, distressed.